Caddo, Oklahoma...
Sunday, January 19, 2020
The antique town on a buffalo trail.

REX II Theater

The REX II Theater is all about hospitality and relaxation. It’s more than a place to watch a movie. It’s a place to visit with family and friends and remember what it’s like to really enjoy an evening.


The theater was opened as the “Rex Theater” in the 40s, 50s, and 60s before closing in the late 60s. It was reopened as the “Rex II” by Hal Nesbit in 2000, and has been going strong ever since! The theater shows recent movies just a few weeks after they open nationwide. It’s worth the wait just to see them in a relaxing atmosphere!



The REX II Theater also has a first-rate snack bar where some folks say you can get the “best root beer float anywhere”. That’s something you’ll just have to judge for yourself!


For more on the Rex II Theater, including prices, current and upcoming movies, and the Snack Bar menu, visit


Rex II Theater

Downtown Caddo, Oklahoma