Caddo, Oklahoma...
Friday, February 28, 2020
The antique town on a buffalo trail.

First Facts

  1. Caddo’s first mayor was Charles E. McPherren. Mr. McPherren went on to become a prominent attorney in both Durant and OKC. He rode with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. He was an Oklahoma State Senator in 1921. He became Major General Charles McPherren, serving in the Oklahoma National Guard, and with the 45th division in World War I.
  2. The first saloon in the Indian Territory was opened in Caddo when the M.K.&T. completed its line. It was owned by a Chickasaw named Johnson, and was operated illegally for quite some time, until the military finally sent in a squad of soldiers to take Johnson into custody and close its doors.
  3. Lydia Starr McPherson was Caddo’s first woman editor. She moved to Caddo in 1874 and married Caddo newspaper editor Granville McPherson. After his death in 1878 Lydia began publication of the Caddo International News, under her own editorial direction, with her sons as printers. The following year she moved her family to Whitesboro, Texas, and established the weekly Whitesboro Democrat, the first newspaper in Texas owned and operated by a woman.
  4. October 5, 1874 the first Grand Lodge of Masonry was chartered in what is now Oklahoma.
  5.  The first Odd Fellows Lodge in what is now Oklahoma was founded May 8, 1875 in Caddo.
  6. Major Aaron Harlan built the first store in Caddo. His wife is known as the “mother of Caddo” and that is what is inscribed on her headstone.
  7. In May of 1902 Peter Bloom installed in his blacksmith shop the first modern steam trip hammer in this part of the country.
  8.  Judge Freeny was the first man to put a plow into the black land of the nearby prairies. His neighbors in the woods told him he would starve to death if he tried to farm the prairies. He showed them they were wrong, and became one of the richest farmers among the Choctaws.
  9. Peter Hamer was Caddo’s first blacksmith.
  10. In September of 1918 an army airplane pilot ran low on fuel and landed his craft outside Caddo. D.B. Williams gave him some letters to carry on to Tulsa, making Caddo, according to the Caddo Herald, “probably the first town to have aerial service in Oklahoma, accident though it may have been”.
  11. Dr Fendall, Dr. Williams, and Dr. J.B. Jones were the first to treat Caddo’s early citizens.
  12. J.S. Hancock owned the first of Caddo’s many hotels. It was The Southern. Other hotels over the years have been The Nail Hotel, The Saint James, The Railroad Hotel, The Moon Hotel, Williams Hotel, The Brick Hotel, and The Royal Hotel.
  13. Mr. Greer, who died December 28, 1874, is believed to be the first adult to die at Caddo from sickness.