Caddo, Oklahoma...
Friday, February 28, 2020
The antique town on a buffalo trail.

Caddo History Books

The following books are available at Craighead's or from the Bryan County Genealogy Library and Archives in Calera, P. O. Box 153, Calera, OK 74730-0153. Book price + $3.50 shipping and handling ($1 more for each additional book). Call 580-434-5848 if you have any questions. 

Founding Families Series:

Vol. 1: Fat Men and Fabulous Ladies, $35

Charles E. McPherren, William F. Dodd, Guy A. Crossett, Devotie McCoy, Charles A. Bilbo, Clement A. Hancock, Granville McPherson, Harry Mayo Dunlap, Dr. Thomas Manning, William H. Ainsworth, Joel H. Nail, William Judson Moon, Major Aaron Harlan, Ezekial Powell, William T. Craghead, Frank Thurmond

Vol. 2: Fine Men and Fashionable Ladies, $35

Mattie Cooper Lynch Bloom Evans, Solomon J. Homer, The Bass Brothers, Dr. John Rufus Allen, Robert Clay Freeny, Cowboy Pink Williams, The Maytubby Men, Samuel E. Swinney, John L. Boland, Nicholas Cochnauer, Dr. LeRoy Long, Turner Turnbull, William E. McIntosh


Vol. 3: Far-Sighted Men and Fair-Haired Ladies, $25

Airington, Arnold and Attaway, Boone, Boydstun, Folsom, Holm-Hauer-Bloom, Locke, Rappolee, Semple


Vol. 4: Fearless Men and Faithful Women, $20

Beck, Brewer, Ellis, Guthrie, Leeper and Chiles, LeFlore, Markham, Pitchlynn, Ward



Other titles: 

Gone But Not ForgottenA History of the Black Families of Caddo 1872-1911, $20


From Prairie Peddler to Merchant King-The Early Life of Benjamin Siegel, $15


Caddo, Oklahoma- Persevering on the Prairie, $35


Brick by Brick, The Building of Caddo, Oklahoma, $25


Caddo Newspapers, Vol. 1 (1874-1900), $25


Caddo, I. T.- News of Yesteryear (1901-02), $25


Shot Through the Heart- Crime and Punishment in Indian Territory, $20

From Gangs to Gangsters, A Sampling of Crimes from 1907-1940, $25. 


ABC and 123, A History of Early Education in Blue/Bryan County- Vol. One, 1850-1920, $25; Vol. Two, 1921-1950, $25;School Directory (for both volumes) $10