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Sunday, January 26, 2020
The antique town on a buffalo trail.

Cemetery News

Many of us left Caddo after graduation or marriage and became productive members of other communities. We’ve enjoyed successful careers, raised families, and traveled the world. But our roots and our hearts remain here, and our ancestors reside in Gethsemane Cemetery. Some of us are privileged to stand in front of their headstones and respect their memories in person. Others must honor them from a distance, but we all remember how hard they worked to provide for us and to encourage our dreams.

The dream of the Caddo Civic and Cemetery Club is to continue to enlarge and improve the cemetery with better roads, a new entry arch, a cremation scatter garden, and new options for burials.  The group has accepted the responsibility and privilege of maintaining the cemetery for over one hundred years, and even though the membership changes, their dedication does not. However, each year the task becomes a little more difficult. The “perpetual” care fees have always been modest, while the actual cost of lawn mowing, road maintenance, and tree trimming continues to rise. Now the group is also facing the challenge of repairing and preserving the mausoleum and chapel, both over 100 years old.

Thanks to a generous donor we have been able to make some recent improvements and purchase some necessary equipment. Your donation, in any amount, will help us acquire the funds needed to continue to provide excellent care and upkeep for these sacred grounds, while dreaming big dreams for the future. We encourage you to include a donation in your estate planning, honor someone’s memory or birthday with an annual donation, suggest donations at family reunions, or simply follow your heart.

If you need information, would like to ask questions, or want to be on our contact list please feel free to write or email.

Caddo Civic and Cemetery Club

P.O. Box 224

Caddo, OK 74729