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Useful Citizens

The Caddo Herald
December 22, 1933
Most Useful Citizens
A useful citizen is one who administers untiringly and unceasingly to his fellow man, helping them to live their best and getting the most out of life. Who can live and do their best without health? Doctors are the ones who brave the weather, be it hot or cold and at any time, day or night. They come to us when we need them. Therefore, the doctors of our town, whose names, Doctor Cochran and Dickey, are daily associated with our lives, are useful citizens of our town. Junia Craghead
In naming the best citizen in this town, may I suggest Mr. John L. Boland. Mr. Boland is a man with many friends and few enemies; one that can be depended on for help at any time. His devotion to his family, his works in keeping the town alive and his deep interest in the coming generation shows his outstanding character. Summarizing, Mr. Boland is everything any boy could want as his idea of a real man and to use as a model for his life. J. E. Blanks
I think Dr. Cochran is one of the outstanding citizens of our town. Having studied to minister unto “souls”, by accident, he decided his life work to minister unto “bodies”. He has faithfully followed both professions and today he is one of the finest physicians in Bryan County. So what more can be said of a man. Bertha Lou Harris
There are several good citizens of Caddo, but I chose this particular one because of his untiring helpfulness. Mr. A. P. Braudrick (who has received the name “Uncle Pitt” because he seems like an uncle to everyone) came here before statehood to act as City Marshal for 12 or 15 years. After statehood he resigned to accept the position of Chief of Police. He served as town justice for 18 or 20 years and is now serving in this capacity. In all his career Mr. Braudrick has never been defeated for any office he asked. He is now 66 years old, but he is actively engaged in his business here. He had been in some trade or business all of the time. Merwyn Maddux
One of the most enterprising and outstanding citizens of our town is Wallace Boone. Although he is quiet about his affairs, we know he has the interest of our town at heart. He is ever ready and willing to help and because of his ready smile and unfailing good humor, he is sought by many. Jennie Locke
One of the most useful citizens of Caddo in my estimation is Mr. Lake Brewer. He is one of the old settlers of Caddo and is always ready to help the community in any way. To sick people Mr. Brewer is exceptionally kind. No one has ever been turned away in time of need by Mr. Brewer. He does his part in donating to charity . He was fair and square in the grocery business and many problems have been solved and many troubles threshed out in the quiet refuge of his store, for he gave a warm welcome to all. Mr. Brewer is now a member of the school board and is liked by everyone. Alton Pace
In my opinion Mr. Boone is the most useful and successful citizen of our small community. His great help and good work has been appreciated by all. He is always ready to help in the community problems and is always ready to help or render any service to anyone. Mr. Boone has been a resident here for a good many years. In this time he has established a store which is rated as one of the best in Bryan County. Caddo is not the only lucky town to have a store owned by him, for Atoka and Konawa have the privilege also. Ross Eleene Braudrick
Mr. W. W. Boone, in my estimation, is Caddo’s most useful citizen. He is always willing to donate to any useful organization or any other enterprise that should be helped. He is a member of the Lions Club and is always ready to do anything he is called on to do. As he has been here several years, everyone knows him and is never afraid to go to him for advice or help. _________
The citizen who always does things that are worthwhile for our community, who when elected to office did not move away from his home town, but stands loyal to his friends, who has helped every farmer in the surrounding community and stands ready to help again regardless of non-payments, who always has a smile and good word for everyone, the best known man in our community is in my estimation, Jim Moore. Dorothy Bilbo
I think Mr. J. A. Moore is the most useful man in Caddo as far as being a political leader in our town and county. He served as our county treasurer and was very successful. Mr. Moore has also served the Red Cross from time to time. He is always ready to meet you half way in anything concerning this town or county. To show you his outstanding ability we refer you to his recent appointment to be County Administrator of the Civil Works Administration by Administrator Giles. Charleen Markham